Young Fathers – Rain Or Shine | New Music


There are times when I need my music blunt and arresting. At all future moments resembling these, I will certainly listen to “Rain Or Shine”. This track begins with what I think is a sample of, or maybe even a real Vox or Wurlitzer Organ. Either way, it’ll stand out a mile from anything you may listen to on any given day. A deceptively simple beat throbs along, with a deep, sinister bass, and those harsh, theme-defining words: “I may not be around come rain or shine”, repeated until you realize the unequivocal truth of this track, which is, the jarring nature of human unreliability.


No kidding here, this band’s sound will get you up two hours early. And for all the right reasons. Their influences seem to be everything from rap, to post-rock, to a man chanting prophetic sound bites as the reality of his own shortcomings cascade down. It’s real, it’s unique, and it’ll eventually be found bolstering their forthcoming album, White Men Are Black Men Too. Clip it to your ears below.




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