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TAMZENE is a singer from the Highlands of Scotland who has always cultivated her passion for music through all her life. It has been in the streets of Inverness on where she was busking, that her talent was discovered and spotted.


In fact, at the age of 14 she began to express her musical self through songwriting. Then, she started writing with her guitar and let being inspired by Soul and R&B tunes of Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, then passing on to the likes of Birdy, Solange and James Bay. Moreover, picking up the best from these influences, she grew up musically showing an highly individualistic edge, which made her famous all around the UK and beyond.


“You’re With Somebody Now” is going to be another success for the singer, who’s singing with sincerity, about the difficulties of forgetting the past after a drastic heartbreak. Her deep velvety voice goes directly to the souls of his audience. Nostalgia and regret cannot change things for the better. She encourages herself in moving forward, by establishing, with her lyrics, a profound sense of empaty with her listeners. It will envelop you in an authentic passion of lost love.


As she explained about the song: “You’re With Somebody Now came from a period where I was looking to the past for answers, and I found them. Lewis Gardiner (producer and co-writer) has a talent for tapping into truth. So this song comes from an honest place of pain and realisation.


Listen the song and watch it’s accompanying video below:





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