YouTube To Offer TV Services As Early As 2017 | TV News



YouTube is the world’s most popular video provider so it is little wonder that the Google owned company is ready to take on the might of TV. Sources close to the company understand that the website giant is working on an Unplugged application that will allow users to subscribe to a bundle of cable TV services that can be easily streamed over the internet.


The project has been a focus for the company for sometime and will need support from broadcasters from the UK and US who lead the world in Television broadcasting. The company wishes to create more revenue from means other than adverts. This is why it is set to introduce 5 second ads this year. The idea is to grab attention as most people will skip the adverts anyway.


YouTube has been planning a move into TV since 2012 ad least, but with the likes of Apple and Amazon expanding their offerings, YouTube has a new urgency to adapt and keep up with technology. The company has been around since 2005, making it over a decade old, but if is to maintain its position online and keep the best of TV, Music and User-generated content then it will surely have to change.



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