Yungblud Announces The Release Of Sophomore Album ‘Weird!’ | Music News


After the enigmatic “it all begins Thursday” message on his social media channels a few days ago, Yungblud has unveiled not only a brand-new track called “God save me, but don’t drown me out“, but also the release date of his forthcoming second studio album.


After previously teasing it with singles “strawberry lipstick” and what is now the title track “weird!”, the Doncaster artist has now officially announced that his second album titled weird! will be released on November 13. It is the follow-up to Yungblud’s 2018 self-titled debut album, and last year’s the underrated youth EP.


Additionally, he revealed the album cover art, which depicts the 23-year-old singer in seven different guises against a blue fence. Those seven distinct guises are echoing Yungblud’s statement that the album will “explore the ideas of identity, of sexuality, of equality, of depression, of anxiety, of live, of love, of heartbreak”.


The singer also unveiled some new merch, composed of several tee-shirts and sweaters, as well as a few more other original pieces.


Interrogated on the meaning of the 12 new tracks, the singer explains: “I spent so much time fighting and silencing those people who made up who I am because I was afraid of what the outside world would think about me. If you remain silent to the people inside yourself then you’ll remain silent to everybody else”.


By the sound of the three tracks that have already been released, we can say that this new Yungblud piece of work sounds quite promising. We’ll let you give the latest track a listen here.




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