Zac Efron Is Still The Teen Choice Of Your Dreams | Film News

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Zac Efron Is Still The Teen Choice Of Your Dreams | Film News


Having garnered his start in acting during his teenage years as Cameron Bale in Summerland, Zac Efron‘s career reached a new high as he became the young idol associated with the iconic High School Musical franchise.


These already are probably two good reasons out of the many that played a role in the actor grabbing the win at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.


Yesterday was the night to pay homage to the best actors, musicians, TV shows, movies selected by teenagers; the event taking place at The Forum in Los Angeles.


Zac Efron brought the prize home – a colourful, original, real and bulky surfboard – in the ‘Movie Actor: Drama’ category for his role in The Greatest Showman and delighted the audience with a personal and beautiful speech.


He could have become a real sex symbol, building up his fame and popularity only with his physical attractiveness, but the truth is that Zac is still the same simple and nice guy who played Troy Bolton and sang “What time is it, it’s summertime“.


He got onstage yesterday wearing simple ripped jeans and a plain t-shirt, during the show hosted by Nick Cannon and Lele Pons. He took the opportunity to deliver a sincere thank you to his co-stars in The Greatest Showman, especially using the speech to mention Hugh Jackman, calling him a “hero and mentor”.


But he also defined his on-screen partner in the movie, Zendaya, as a beautiful, brilliant and courageous person, later posting a heartfelt Instagram story commenting the award, his happiness and closing it with greetings to his grandparents.


This happens when success doesn’t drive you crazy and you are still able to appreciate small good things. Well done once again Zac!



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