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Since the disappointment of Justice League and, outside of Wonder Woman, the poor critical response to the rest of the DCEU canon, Zack Snyder has been away licking his wounds. Warner Bros. reportedly want no part of him on their superhero projects any more, leaving the director to search for his next movie. He looks to have found it.


Replying to a fan on Twitter, Snyder confirmed that his next project will be an adaptation of Ayn Rand‘s 1943 novel, The Fountainhead. It had been previously rumoured that the Man Of Steel director was developing the wartime drama The Last Photograph, but that has seemingly been put on hold for now.


The 1943 novel follows an iconoclastic architect who strives to pursue his creative vision and overcome the doubts of his colleagues and critics, eventually winning out and being recognised for his greatness.


The book led to Rand’s famous – yet controversial – objectivist philosophy which puts ruthless individualism above any kind of collectivism, though The Fountainhead mostly avoids the political and economic implications of her philosophy. It’s far more direct in her follow-up novel, Atlas Shrugged.


Snyder has often packed his films with political and philosophical undertones with varying degrees of success, so this project is probably a good fit for him. It’s very likely to be a controversial adaptation though, and it will be interesting to see Snyder doing something outside of the superhero genre. Warner Bros. will produce the film alongside Snyder’s Cruel & Unusual Films banner.



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