Zak Olkewicz To Adapt ‘Time Salvager’ For Michael Bay | Film News


Up and coming screenwriter Zak Olkewicz has been tasked with adapting Wesley Chu‘s sci-fi novel Time Salvager for Paramount, who already have Michael Bay attached to direct the project.


The story takes place in a future where resources are depleted, and follows a man sent back in time to salvage resources from disasters without altering the timeline. On his final mission to the past, breaking precedent, he must bring a scientist back to the future with him to save her life, but turns them both into fugitives in the process.


It’s the kind of high concept sci-fi story Bay has tackled predominantly with the Transformers franchise but also with 2005’s The Island.


It’s fair to wonder if any nuance in the story is going to be left on the cutting room floor in favour of some bombastic CGI effects, but Bay has proven his ability to combine his extravagant direction with some interesting story beats in both Pain & Gain and 13 Hours, so this has some potential.


Olkewicz is also currently adapting the R.L. Stine novel series Fear Street for Fox, while his adaptation of graphic novel Malignant got Stranger Things director Rebecca Thomas interested enough to agree to direct, with James Wan producing. Things will look even better for the young screenwriter if he can help Bay make the critically well-received film that has eluded him for a while now.



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