Zayn Duets With Ingrid Michaelson On New Single ‘To Begin Again’ | Music News


British artist Zayn, who recently had his first child with model Gigi Hadid, is back in the music space, and for this discreet coming back, he has teamed up with singer and songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. The single is titled “To Begin Again” and was released on March 17.


The song is full of hope and talks about the current state of the world, how life has changed so much but also how you can live your life with hope. “To Begin Again” is really the vibe of this song, from starting a new day to a new life to to looking out for loved ones to starting again in a post-COVID life basically.


The track is very powerful in its own way and we really feel the emotions throughout the single, they sing beautifully and deliver the message of keeping the people you love close to you. A mesmerizing piano melody accompanies the singers in their song, with the piano giving the track a melancholic vibe, which goes perfectly with the lyrics.


Both artists are in harmony in the song, and they complement each other, with the mix of Zayn’s high and deep voice and Ingrid’s feminine vocals giving us the perfect balance.


The song was originally written by Ingrid just after Joe Biden won the US Presidential elections last November, and that’s when Zayn reached out to the singer to make this duet. The song was produced by Sam de Jong and is available on all platforms.


Listen to “To Begin Again” here:




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