ZAYN – Entertainer | Music Video


Zayn has released his third single “Entertainer”, following the R&B-tinged “Let Me” released the last month, with the music video currently sitting on 62M views and debuting in the Top 20 on the UK Singles Chart.


The music video follows the storyline from “Dusk Till Dawn” and “Let Me”, confirmed by Vevo to be the sequel to the “Let Me” music video cliff-hanger. Similar to previous music videos, Zayn falls in love with a dangerous girl and he has conflicts with mafias. The girl of this video is the Instagram model Sofia Jamora and she is a stripper that Zayn falls in love but she disappears and his heart is broken.


“Entertainer” is another R&B track that includes a powerful base that grows bit by bit as the song progresses. It was written by Zayn, Iliana Nedialkova, Henrique Andrade and Alexandre Bursztyn, the latter two being also the producer and co-producer.


Watch the music video below:




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