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After having blessed us with a different hair color every other day, Zayn this time is ready to delight us with some new music. And, truth be told, the guy does certainly deliver.


Despite his quirky and nonchalant attitude, the impression you got with Zayn is that he is in total control of his new music and the direction he wants it to go. Showing particular attention to detail since going solo, the singer is a double threat when it comes to his production, as he has taken up the habit to accompany his songs with a visually crafted music video.


This is the case with his last offering “Sour Diesel“, an exquisite urban track, that takes off with a decisive bass line and then unfolds into R&B territory, helped by Zayn’s trademark falsetto. A riff of electric guitar builds up the chorus, where Zayn’s vocal talent ultimately blows up into “Like sour Diesel/she burns, she burns, she burns“.


Contrary to previous releases, Zayn, this time, has decided to unleash the visuals for the single exclusively on Apple Music, where you can watch a bleached Zayn taking up the role of night vigilante and battling up the bad guys.


Since moving on from his One Direction days, which have given him worldwide attention, Zayn has favored a more R&B sound; a decision that definitely appeases his vocal tenor. After his debut solo album Mind Of Mine, the former boyband member has gradually evolved into his own and he is shaping up a sound that is uniquely his.


You can see the video here, while you can listen to the song below:




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