‘Zombieland 2’ Lands ‘Godzilla’ Writer Dave Callanham To Pen Script | Film News


With the first Zombieland movie gaining mega success back in 2009 and audiences across the globe hungry for more flesh eating zombies, there quickly were initial plans for a sequel, but word went quiet and for a while it looked like we’d have to live without any kind of sequel. Last we knew of, plans for a Zombieland television series were met with a resounding decline and audiences would be forgiven for assuming there would be no reunion for our favorite banjo weaving Woody Harrelson and the rest of his zombie slaying team.


However, good news! Zombies may rise again now that Sony have hired Dave Callanham to write Zombieland 2. With Callanham working on other movies such as Doom and The Expendables, we could be in for an action packed zombie thrill ride. Ruben Fleischer is set to return as director but Sony’s report made it very clear that no official deal has been made yet.


There is no reveal on the film plot as of yet, but with all former main players busy with other franchises, like Jesse Eisenberg’s stint as Lex Luthor in the Batman v Superman movie, there’s a good chance a whole new set of characters will be created. We can only hope that the origional cast will want to fight zombies together once more. It looks like we’re set for another long wait for any other details, so take another look at the first Zombieland trailer to get you through.




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