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I Want To Help Expose The Hidden Wonders Of The Planet, Says Megan Fox | Film News

  It’s a shame that her film roles do not more accurately show off such talents. Hollywood star Megan Fox has spoken of her wish to step away from acting to aid in exposing the hidden wonders of our world. That sounds cheesy but the star commented to the LA Times:   “I have other skill sets and gifts that[…]

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Chinese Tourism Firm Takes Paramount To Court Over Failed Product Placement | Film News

  The fourth Transfomers film was the most disappointing entry in the already fatigued series, the sting in the tail came in the failure for the film to even do product placement properly. A Chinese tourism firm is taking Paramount Pictures to court over the failure of its logo to be placed in Transformers: Age of Extinction.   As reported[…]

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‘Cloverfield’ Sequel Teased before ’13 Hours’ Screenings | Film News

  As mysterious as the monster in the first film, another Cloverfield film is coming out of the blue. A mysterious teaser for 10 Cloverfield Lane was played before Micheal Bay‘s feature 13 Hours prompting fans to speculate about the sequel. J.J. Abrams confirmed those rumours to Collider in a statement today.   “The idea came up a long time[…]

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