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First Trailer For Judy Garland Biopic ‘Judy’ Arrives | Film Trailer

  The first full trailer has arrived for the upcoming Judy Garland biopic, Judy. Renee Zellweger stars as the showbiz legend, and the film charts her attempts to win over crowds in London while battling with addiction and depression.     Garland’s life was a tragic one. Her natural talent was never truly allowed to shine over a long career,[…]

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First Trailer For Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Arrives | Film Trailer

  It seems like every week there’s a new trailer for another live-action adaptation of a Disney classic. This week, it’s Mulan. A remake of the beloved 1998 film, the story tells the epic adventure of a fearless young woman forced to masquerade as a man in order to fight off northern invaders attacking China.   While the film is[…]

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First Trailer For Rian Johnson’s Mystery Thriller ‘Knives Out’ Arrives | Film Trailer

  The first trailer has arrived for Rian Johnson‘s mystery thriller, Knives Out. An original whodunit based on an idea by Johnson, plot details are being kept very close to the vest to avoid revealing any of the mystery, but the film is said to be in vein of mysteries such as Gosford Park.   It boasts an all-star cast,[…]

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Get Your First Look At The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot | Film Trailer

  Fans eagerly awaiting the release of the Charlie’s Angels reboot now have an official trailer to enjoy.   The action packed preview features plenty of high speed car chases, wardrobe changes and even a choreographed dance routine.   It also includes a snippet of the collaboration between Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande which will appear on[…]

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Kids Ride A Helicopter To An OutKast Concert In First Trailer For 90s Comedy ‘Outgrown’ | Film Trailer

  To what lengths would you go to see your favourite artist perform? That’s the basis of the new coming-of-age comedy Outgrown. Set in the 90s, the film follows 9 and 10-year-old cousins Sam and Reggie as they seek to see their favourite band OutKast perform live.   After their mother refuses to take them, the cousins go on a[…]

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