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‘New Beaus & Broken Fruits’ Is The Latest Single From Reptilians | Music News

  Indie rock band Reptilians have just dropped their new track “New Beaus & Broken Fruities”, the first of a series of singles that they are going to release in 2020.   “New Beaus & Broken Fruities” is a song depicting the perils of a love story set in a Northern small town, featuring the infidelity, the rejection and the[…]

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Talented 17-Year Old Artist Nyah Grace Releases New Track ‘Sunday’ | Music News

  The talented 17-year-old artist Nyah Grace has just released her newest single “Sunday”, giving a new proof of her extraordinary potential.   Raised in the rural Oregon, Nyah Grace grew up in a family steeped in the farming tradition. Her parents enjoyed listening to music and she soon joined singing classes, where the jazzy sounds immediately grabbed her attention.[…]

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London Based Rock Band Fabian Jack Have Unveiled Their Latest Release ‘Dreams’ | Music News

  The rock band Fabian Jack have recently released their new track “Dreams“, with more potent singles set to be unveiled later this year.   Fabian Jack have spent their 2019 rocking indie venues of Camden and Soho, allowing their rock-pop sound juices to flow and developing their own sound playing gigs in legendary music locations and with the conventional[…]

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Indie Rock Band My Ugly Clementine Drop New Track ‘Try Me’ | Music News

  One year after they posted their first ever picture together on social media, on Valentine’s day 2019, marking the birth of My Ugly Clementine, the indie rock band have dropped their new track “Try Me”.   Come together thanks to Sophie Lindinger’s dream of creating a band to play some songs she wrote, My Ugly Clementine are an indie[…]

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H3LLO & Apollo Mighty Have Released Their New Track ‘Talk’ | Music News

  The electronic duo H3LLO have teamed up with the R&B artist Apollo Mighty releasing “Talk”, an engaging track that perfectly blends electronic, R&B and funk beats.   Originally from Chicago, Apollo Mighty has performed all over his native city during the past two years, featuring on the Chicago daytime show Windy City LIVE in 2019. He received over 220,000[…]

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