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Tre Burt Shares Music Video For ‘Caught It From The Rye’ | Music News

  The emerging musician Tre Burt from the Pacific Northwest seems to have become famous due to pure coincidence. His music has always been in the right place at the right time, born from his lifelong passion for music, waiting there to be discovered.   In fact, he  was drawn to music from an early age, by growing up listening to his grandfather’s[…]

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IMOGEN – I Wish I Were You | New Music

  IMOGEN is an independent artist from Newcastle, who has just shared her highly anticipated new track “I Wish I Were You”, from her upcoming EP 13th Hour that she is writing and recording, and is due to be released for spring 2020.   The young singer debuted with her band only last year, when they launched their first EP titled Faze Green.[…]

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Jesse Bryant – Way Back | New Music

  Jesse Bryant is, as he defines himself “just a distracted Silicon Valley engineer, moonlighting as a folk-rock singer-songwriter“, to which he devotes himself to, whenever he has the time, writing lyrics and strumming his guitar, and he has just released the first single from his forthcoming album titled “Way Back”.   Drawing inspiration from artists like Jim Croce, Dave[…]

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Oliver Old Shares His New Single ‘Broken’ | Music News

  Sydney-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Old has recently unveiled a new single titled “Broken”. Oliver has been solo as an artist since September, when he released “Subtle Dagger”.   Music has always been a refuge for the artist, especially after he found, in 2016, his friend’s body, who had tragically committed suicide. Oliver’s songs are deeply connected to his[…]

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Elektric Animals – Just Like You | New Music

  The alternative rock sounds of the Elektric Animals come from Denver, Colorado. By taking inspiration from an interesting mix of 90’s garage rock, classic blues, smooth alternative indie rock and post-grunge, they burst officially onto the Denver scene, in early 2018 with debut singles “Obsessive” and “Cool Calm Collected”.   Furthermore, their journey as artists has just begun, but[…]

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