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Prepaway – What Is The TEAS Exam? All You Need To Know To Succeed | Inspiration

  The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam is designed to evaluate the preparedness of students seeking admission into the health science field. Most nursing schools and allied health schools include TEAS as a part of their admission requirements for the candidates.   The exam is made up of 170 questions and comes in a multiple-choice format with four[…]

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Italian Scientists Discover Liquid Water Underneath The Surface Of Mars | Inspiration

  A lake of liquid water has been discovered by Marsis, a radar instrument on board Esa’s Mars Express orbiter, on Mars.   An Italian team was scraching underneath the planet’s surface when they found below a block of ice a a stable body of liquid water on the red planet.   The researchers from the National Institute of Astrophysics[…]

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History Teacher Tumi Olaoshun Pens Gripping Dating & Relationships Book | Inspiration

  London-based British Nigerian History teacher Tumi Olaoshun is proud to unveil her first published work, an inspirational dating and relationship book titled What They Don’t Tell You About Being Single, released independently on Saturday, June 30, 2018. She managed to pen her first book, whilst being a full time History teacher in North West London, where she has been[…]

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Three Famous Faces You Didn’t Know Were Former Refugees | Inspiration

  Refugees are a mainstay topic in Europe and all around the world nowadays. Immigration is under discussion heavily in politics and media. There are many people who decide to risk their lives and change their way of living for search of a better life in another country.   When we hear the word ‘refugee’, we tend to think about[…]

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London’s First Crisp & Dip Cafe HIPCHIPS Reinvents The Potato Crisps | Inspiration

  Yes, potatoes can be different – the crisps that HIPCHIPS offer, are made of at least out of seven types of it. And yes, they can be eaten with savoury AND sweet dips – think something like Nutella or… chocolate salty caramel cheesecake. Sounds intriguing, right?   The head chef, Scott Davis, spent a few years developing the innovative[…]

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