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The 4 Best TV Shows Set in Casinos | TV News

  Casinos are the ideal backdrop for drama, romance, comedy and any other genre you can imagine, so it’s no surprise that they have appeared in many TV shows over the years.   If you are a fan of glamorous gambling dens and want to experience entertaining stories set within their walls without having to leave the comfort of your[…]

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Danny Boyle To Direct FX Limited Series About The Sex Pistols | TV News

  Danny Boyle may not have ended up helming the recent James Bond film, but he’s set his sights on another classic aspect of British pop culture. Boyle will direct and produce the six-episode mini-series Pistol for FX, which will revolve around punk band The Sex Pistols.   The series will be based on the memoir by the band’s guitarist[…]

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Indie Directors Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead Join Marvel’s ‘Moon Knight’ | TV News

  Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, just one of many announced MCU-related TV shows that will be anchoring Disney+, has found some additional directors. Mohamed Diab (Clash) had already previously signed on to helm the series, but he will now be joined by indie directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead.   The duo will reportedly direct several episodes of the show,[…]

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HBO Max Reveals Glimpse Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot | TV Trailer

  HBO Max is an American streaming service which launched in the summer of 2020. Since its launch it has garnered 12.6 million active subscribers and has acquired the streaming rights to classic shows such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory.   With future shows by BBC Studios co-produced by HBO Max and a never ending list of original[…]

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Samuel L. Jackson To Star In Apple Series ‘The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey’ | TV News

  Samuel L. Jackson has already signed on to star in one TV series for a nascent streaming platform – reprising his Nick Fury role for Marvel’s Secret Invasion for Disney+ – but now he’s got another in the works. The prolific actor will star in The Last Days Of Ptolemy Grey for Apple.   The series is based on[…]

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