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Netflix’s ‘The Order’ Season 1 Episode 1 | TV Review

  The first episode of Netflix’s The Order throws us straight into the realm of magic and werewolves, with the main characters hardly being phased by either. Nonetheless the show has its charm. There is an element of humour that I enjoyed, but I think it has a way to go yet.   Intrigued by Jack’s slightly confrontational character (Jake[…]

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The 5 Best Vampire Shows / Films You Have To Watch This Year | Film News

  I’ve created a list of must haves for your weekend binge of horror, thriller and a little bit of comedy. It’s all in there, from the cheesy-but-brilliant vamp flicks to the serious / artistic shows / films. This list has it all, so if, like me, you love a bit of supernatural TV, keep reading for the best of[…]

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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Season 4 And The Road To Recovery | TV Review

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the CW’s highly critically acclaimed musical dramedy is a show that I can’t help but keep watching. A lot of people who’ve watched it have said something along the lines of ‘I had to stop because it was too real/uncomfortable’, which was true for me too at times. But I always came back.   Crazy Ex-Girlfriend[…]

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‘Sex Education’ Is Something We All Needed To Watch In Our Teen Years | TV Review

  Last week, my cousin sent me a Mary Portas book in the post. She said she wished she’d had this in her twenties, and that it was too late for her to read it now. After I binge watched Sex Education, I initially thought the same thing about wanting to have watched it in my school years.   Season[…]

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‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ Season 1 Episode 11 – A Midwinter’s Tale | TV Review

  Spoiler Alert!   CAOS season 1 was spookily spectacular, and the trailer for season 2 looks promising. But was the Christmas episode worth all it was made out to be? Or was it simply a filler episode that they needed to get out the the way for the sake of plot?   Plot is important in this day and[…]

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