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Fabric To Close Permanently After Having Its License Revoked | Music News

  Last month, the high profile nightclub Fabric closed down voluntarily following two drug related deaths at the club in a 9 week period, and had its license suspended and scheduled for review. After testimony and review, Islington council has chosen to permanently revoke the clubs license, leaving it permanently closed down. “A culture of drugs exists at the club[…]

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Trailer For ‘Green Room’ Released | Film Trailer

  Jeremy Saulnier is back with another gritty thriller: Green Room. Saulnier first earned his chops with Blue Ruin, a grim thriller that achieved huge critical acclaim back in 2013.   Green Room, if the trailer is anything to go by, seems to channel the gripping psychological torment of his former film as the director flaunts his compelling style. However, it[…]

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