‘A Cure For Wellness’ Strangest Film Of The Year? | Film Trailer

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‘A Cure For Wellness’ Strangest Film Of The Year? | Film Trailer


“Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated. Nothing to do and no where to go I wanna be sedated”.


Gore Verbinski is back with what may be the strangest movie of the year, A Cure For Wellness.


Aquatic human experiments, gruesome empty corridors, filthy tubs filled with eels and submerged lifeless naked bodies. So many bodies. It is almost as if Verbinski has taken the best from The Ring and Pirates of the Caribbean and made into a chunky dose of decaying psychological horror. Or is it his way of telling us the world is sick?


Lockhart, a young and ambitious executive, is sent to retrieve his company’s CEO from a mysterious “wellness center” in the Swiss Alps. The twist is, of course, that no one leaves the Institute, and against his will, Lockhart becomes the newest patient of the Volmer Institute. From the newest release trailer, we can be sure that synchronized swimming is not the only “service” provided here.


Fortunately for him, Mia Goth is here to keep him company, straight from Nymphomaniac.


A Cure For Wellness, starring Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth, will be released in the US on Friday, February 17 and on Friday, February 24 in the UK.




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