Little Kids Find Mark Ruffalo’s Wallet And Phone In The Blizzard | Film News

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Little Kids Find Mark Ruffalo’s Wallet And Phone In The Blizzard | Film News

Actor Mark Ruffalo arrives at the screening of the film "Marvel's The Avengers" for the closing night of the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival in New York


Blizzard Jonas made New Yorkers’ life harder this past weekend; however, the more courageous ones decided to venture an outing and enjoy the snow, surrounded by the peaceful, white scenery. One of them was Mark Ruffalo who posted a number of blissful pictures on Instagram, such as the one below, with a caption that read “Awe, in a blizzard”.


Awe, in a blizzard.

A photo posted by Mark Ruffalo (@markruffalo) on


Little did he know that he would soon lose his wallet and cell phone on the street! The actor quickly took to Twitter to ask for help, in case someone had spotted his belongings. Of course, he promised to give a reward to the finder, along with a picture signed by him.


Luckily, less than 20 minutes later, all of his stuff were found by two little girls. Check out his tweets below, as well as his lovely picture with Amenaide and Catherine Brown, who tracked down his cell and wallet. Ruffalo obviously kept his promise and those little girls are just too cute to be true! The snow – and the internet – works in mysterious ways…






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