Women Make The Best Directors Of Men, Comments Ben Kingsley | Film News

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Women Make The Best Directors Of Men, Comments Ben Kingsley | Film News

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - DECEMBER 12: Actor Sir Ben Kingsley arrives at the 27th American Cinematheque Award honoring Jerry Bruckheimer at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on December 12, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


He has won world renown as an actor for roles such as Ghandi and Sexy Beast as well as having an enduring appeal to everyone from teenage – with his role as the Mandarin in Marvels Iron Man 3 – to that of your most ancient of grandparents. But recently the actor has given women directors more than a vote of confidence in women directors, saying he is determined to produce and star in more movies directed by them.


He commented to the Observer:


I do feel that it is through the prism, the lens, the perspective of the female eye – the loving female eye – that a man is almost given permission to be vulnerable. I’m sorry to say that I’ve only worked with possibly four female directors. If you look at my CV, I’ve done a lot of movies, so that’s a terrible imbalance.


The ladies I have worked with have an extraordinary ability to put [male vulnerability] on screen. There’s only one male director – possibly two – who really gets this and understands its value as a currency, as a character trait, as something that has its place in our humanity and must always have.



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