18-Year-Old Toronto Songstress Ally Cribb Presents New Single ‘Bigger’

The promising Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Ally Cribb, aged eighteen, has unveiled her latest single “Bigger”, on May 25.

“Bigger” serves as an anthem of resilience and determination, overcoming hardships and illustrating Ally’s commitment to personal growth and evolution. Through “Bigger”, Ally seeks to inspire hope, particularly targeting the younger generation worldwide.

Her lyrical prowess and artistry were nurtured by her father, a writer and musician himself, and further honed by drawing influence from acclaimed artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin, and Taylor Swift.

Ally shares, “I write based on my experiences and emotions. I aspire to extend glimmers of compassion, hope, and resilience to those who need them as much as I do.” Her songs are a perfect blend of heartfelt poetry and enchanting melodies.

This intimacy has been her strength since her debut with the EP Unbroken, which resonated with a broad audience. Thanks to its seven compelling tracks, Ally found herself a finalist in the international division of the Song Academy Competition. Her songs explore her personal grief following the sudden loss of her mother amidst the pandemic.

Further expressing her commitment, Ally declares, “Music is the one area I yearn to excel in. I’ve been investing considerable effort to enhance my songwriting and creative abilities.”

The music world is poised to follow Ally Cribb’s career with interest and enthusiasm. Her unique contributions to the UK Bass/Future-Garage genre, coupled with her ongoing potential for growth and surprise, ensure that her journey is one to watch closely.

Check out “Bigger” by Ally Cribb below!


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