19-Year Old R&B Pop Artist H.MIL Unveils New Track ‘Tarantino’

Henry Milford, also known as H.MIL, has released a new song called “Tarantino”.

The singer, who is located in Dubai and the United Kingdom, is a mysterious talent who is noted for his R&B and pop style that are full of surprises for his fans. His song “Tarantino” is known to have a late-night driving vibe about it, which is what makes it stand out.

The song’s instrumentation is gentle and soothing, with a warm piano-led arrangement and timeless romantic lyrics. To complement his raspy dreamy vocals, H. Mil uses airy backup vocals. Every track the artist releases is jam-packed with wisdom delivered through lyrical narrative that goes beyond his years of expertise. “Tarantino” is a must-listen.

To me, driving at night with the song blasting out loud certainly gave me a mixed bag of emotions, but I’ve had my fair share of it over the years, so I’ve grown used to it by now.

19-year-old artist H.Mil infuses his genre-crossing songs with a commercial appeal and a fresh electronic and hip-hop influence. Each song is brimming with knowledge, conveyed via lyrical narrative that goes beyond his years of experience.

Listen to his new song “Tarantino” here:


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