20th Century Fox Unveils New Trailer For Matt Damon’s ‘The Martian’ | Film Trailer


20th Century Fox have released a spoilerific second trailer for the Matt Damon starring The Martian. We may have had to wait two months but the trailer does give us a bit more insight into the film, although it does contain a few spoilers for those who haven’t read the books.


Directed by Ridley Scott, the film focuses on the story of Matt Damon’s character Mark Watney. After a huge storm forces his crew to evacuate Mars, Watney is left alone and seriously injured. In his crews defence, they don’t just up sticks and abandon him, they believe that he’s dead. Watney though is not dead, no, he is very much alive and suddenly finds himself in a situation where he has to utilize all of his skills if he wants to stay alive (which he really, really does).


Luckily, Watney has botanical skills, astronaut training, and wry sense of humour to fall back on. Yes, while his crew travel back to good old earth, he gets to work on his homemade allotment, growing his own vegetation and basically trying to survive on any limited resources he can get his hands on.


The film boasts a pretty impressive cast. Whilst Damons character may be stuck alone on Mars, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kristen Wigg, Mackenzie Davis and Sean Bean, have their feet firmly planted on Earth, each respectively playing a role in Watney’s eventual outcome. Somewhere between Mars and Earth, Watney’s crew consisting of Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain, Michael Pena, Sebastian Stan and Aksel Hennie, are in transit.


How they’ll react to the news that the dead man they left behind isn’t so dead and on the contrary is actually creating life in the form of vegetation is yet to be seen, but is sure to make for captivating viewing. The Martian is set to be released on September 30. Watch the trailer below:




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