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Disney has announced that it is on the live action train and will not be hopping off any time soon, what with the list of adaptations set to be released in the future. The recent glory of the live-action Cinderella could be the start to a long line of like-minded films, as Disney has revealed there will be a Dumbo film involving Tim Burton, and a Tinkerbell film involving Reese Witherspoon, not to mention 2016’s Jungle Book. There will also be Pirates of the Caribbean and Maleficent sequels, along with an adaptation of Mulan. I know, I know, I can’t contain my excitement either.


Included in this very lengthy list of live action adaptations is the film that Kelly Marcel will be penning, about Cruella De Vil. Whilst Marcel previously worked on the first instalment of the S&M trilogy – Fifty shades of Grey – with author E. L. James, she has opted out of that commitment, and will now be working with Togetherness Co-creator Steve Zissis in order to tell the tale of our favourite Dalmatian snatching Disney villain. Whilst there is no doubt that powerhouse actress, Glenn Close, was effortlessly brilliant as Cruella De Vil in the Dalmatians’ live action films, the question lies in how anyone else would be able to write her character any better. Well, what with her experience with Fifty Shades, it seems that when it comes to putting the cruel in Cruella, Kelly Marcel may be the just the right person for the job.



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