8 Incredible NBA Movies You Should Binge This Weekend

It is not everyone that loves watching sports, but the few people that do also love watching sport-related movies. In that case, we will look at the best basketball movies you should binge this weekend, which will make you discover more about this sport and make better college basketball picks. You will know it perfectly and have a good time with the stories.

As a sports lover, NBA in particular, grab a bowl of popcorn because we are about to give you the best movies about basketball. No matter the mood you are in, and if you need some inspiration to up your game on the court, the list below will glue you to the couch with some great, inspirational, and memorable performances. Continue reading our article below.

Love And Basketball

The first NBA movie you on our list should binge this weekend is Love and Basketball. It is a 2000 American romantic sports drama film. This movie was written by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and produced by Spike Lee and Sam Kitt. The movie tells about Quincy McCall (EPPS) AND Monica Wright (Lathan), two next-door neighbors in Los Angeles.

The two-character were pursuing their respective basketball careers in the movie before they fell in love with each other. The Love and Basketball movie, being released for a long time, grossed $27.7 million worldwide. The running time of this movie is 127 minutes.

Like Mike

Like Mike is another NBA movie, you should binge this weekend. It is a sports American comedy movie directed by John Schultz and produced by Micheal Elliot. The actors in the movie include Lil Bow Wow, Jonathan Lipnicki, Robert Forster, Crispin Glover, Morris Chestnut, and many more.

The movie is about an orphan with basketball talent after finding an old pair of sneakers that belonged to Micheal Jordan for a very long time. NBA Productions produced this movie, featuring cameo appearances by top NBA players. In July 2002, the film was released by 20th Century Fox, three years after Jordan departed from the Chicago Bulls.

Coach Carter

The movie is about the true life story of Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter. He made headlines in 1999 when he suspended his high school basketball team because of poor academic results.

Thomas Carter directed this movie, and Mark Schwahn and John Gatins wrote it. The 14th of January, 2005, was the release date of Coach Carter, and its running time was 136 minutes. It gives bettors an idea of the background work, and they can improve their college basketball predictions.

White Men Can’t Jump

White Men Can’t Jump is another NBA movie you should binge this weekend. It is a sports American Comedy movie directed by Ron Shelton and produced by David V. Lester, Don Miler, and Michelle Rappaport. The 27th of March, 1992, was the release date of White Men Can’t Jump, and its running time was 115 minutes.

Space Jam

Space Jam is another NBA movie you should binge this weekend. It is a sports American comedy movie directed by Joe Pytka. Micheal Elliot produced Smith. This movie features star basketball player Micheal Jordan as a fictional version. Theresa Randle and Wayne Knight appeared in supporting roles.

Space Jam is a fictional account of the time when Jordan first retired from the NBA in 1993 and his return in 1995. The Looney Tunes enlisted him to support the team in the basketball game against the aliens who planned to enslave them as attractions for their park.

Blue Chips

Another NBA movie on our list you should binge this weekend is Blue Chips. Ron Shelton wrote the Blue Chips movie, directed by William Friedkin, and it involves Nick Nolte, the college coach trying to recruit a winning team.

The players in his team involve actors and basketball stars Shaquille O’Neal, Anfernee ‘Penny’ Hardaway, and other basketball figures. The running time of Blue Chips is 108 minutes.

Hoop Dreams

Another NBA movie you should binge on this weekend is Hoop Dreams. It is an American documentary movie that Steve James directed. Hoop Dreams movie, produced by Frederick Marx, James, and Peter Gibert, and Kartemquin Films.

The movie is about two African- American high school students (William Gates and Arthur Agee). Both of them were in Chicago, and both dreamed of becoming professional basketball players.

Above The Rim

Above The Rim is the last on our list, an NBA movie you should binge this weekend. It is an American Sports drama movie directed by Jeff Pollack during his directorial debut. The Above the Rim tells the story of a New York City Basketball star and his relationship with a drug dealer and a former basketball star, who got employed at the high school as a security guard.

The running time of Above the Rim is 96 minutes, and it is a good movie for those that want to learn more about the NBA. Also, it can help improve how you make college basketball picks today.


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