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Following the huge success of their singles “Weak“, “Sober Up” and “Burn The House Down“, and now with over 1 billion global streams to date, AJR kick off 2019 with the release of an undeniable anthem in “100 Bad Days”.


Underscored by an orchestral hum, slick bass, and heavenly horns, new single “100 Bad Days” slips from memories like, “Remember when we all got drunk, I ended up with two broke thumbs,” into a handclap-driven hypnotic hook, “A hundred bad days made a hundred good stories. A hundred good stories make me interesting at parties.”


Sonically, you could liken it to Death Cab For Cutie and Weezer teaming up to score Curb Your Enthusiasm.


AJR share their personal sentiments on the new single: “As a band, and as guys in their twenties, most of our experiences end in rejection, failure, and bad days. We wanted to write a realistic look at that… what doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger. But what doesn’t kill you always makes you more interesting.”



Comprised of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, they’ve gone from busking in Central Park to RIAA Gold certification. Having smashed a world tour last year and festival our dates and European shows to come this year, 201 is beginning to look even more promising.



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