A Dream Come True For Disney | Film News


The 2017 Oscar Nominees are out, and some of our favourite Disney movies from the last year are top of the list.


New release Moana, and smash hit Zootopia have been nominated for Best Animated Picture, the incredibly successful Jungle Book, Doctor Strange and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story received nods for Best Visual effects. Rogue One also picked up a nomination for sound mixing, and Moana received a nod for original song, “How Far I’ll Go”.


Jungle Book is well deserving of the visual effects nod. It was no mean feat to undertake that challenge and it has obviously paid off.


A pleasant surprise for Disney was its nomination for Piper, the animated short film about a baby seagull that tugged at the heartstrings, because let’s face it, that’s what Disney’s short films are for. Remember the umbrella?


Whatever the outcome, all involved should be very proud. We wish them all well.


…and hope that little seagull gets his reward for being brave.



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