A Hudson Mohawke Demo, Intended For Rihanna, Is Now Online | Music News

Hudson Mohawke


Last year, Hudson Mokawke produced a track (with vocals from Littlebabyangel) intended for Rihanna‘s newest album Anti. It didn’t make it to Rihanna, and it remained unreleased. However, on June 8 the demo was tweeted by Littlebabyangel for the world to hear.


It may not have reached its initial target, but the beat made it onto Anohni‘s May release HOPELESSNESS (an album co-produced by Mohawke). With a little smoothing out, it became the music to accompany the harrowing lyrics on Anohni’s anti-war track “Crisis”.


Rihanna and Anohni’s sounds are wildly different, but it’s easy to see how the section of music can be applied to both artists’ work.


Listen to the demo below, then check out “Crisis” underneath to see how the beat fits with the track:






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