A6 – I Am God Pt 2 | Music Video

A6 08.08.2016ANDREW


Block 6 rapper, A6, comes with his latest visual offering, entitled “I Am God Pt 2”. This acts as the sequel to a previous song of the same name, both of which are very dark, thematically speaking.


“I Am God Pt 2” opens foreboding, with what seems unusually deep voices. Demonic, even. These voices continue into the song itself, and are accompanied with subterranean bass. The lyrics seem to concern being a soul devouring emcee, though perhaps foraying into literalism.


The visuals, courtesy of Danny Streetz, open with the pouring of liquor on concrete. Given the creepy visuals and masks, maybe this is to invoke the spirits of the dead. It seems to take place in a dark and grey warehouse, only illuminated by motorcycle lights.




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