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What better way to whip everyone into a frenzy than by teasing, without warning, one of your new songs during a commercial break? During an X Factor advert on October 18, the screen went blank and a voice that sounded incredibly like Adele‘s sang for thirty seconds, karaoke-style, to lyrics that were displayed in white lettering. Soon afterwards, the official Twitter account for One Republic tweeted “Adele :)”, which has confirmed it for many.


Adele quickly became a trend on Twitter and spawned the excitable hashtag #ADELEISBACK. The superstar has been on hiatus for a while now, with her last album having been released in 2011 whilst “Skyfall” came out in 2012. Supposedly, her third album is set for release this November, so hopefully fans won’t have long to wait! Watch a video of the 30-second teaser below.




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