Adult Jazz – Eggshell | Music Video



Adult Jazz have stayed hush since their intriguing 2014 debut Gist Is, but the Leeds quartet are now ready to release some new material again with Earrings Off!, referring to the project as “a new clump of songs”. A bit abstract isn’t it? But not so much in this case, if you’re familiar with the band’s off-kilter sound.


At first their new video for “Eggshell” revolves around a featureless and rather unsettling head, until eventually a full – albeit still featureless – muscular body is revealed. It’s still just as unsettling. Singer Harry Burgess mused that “the record is about masculinity” in a recent press release, so that might go a little way in explaining what you’re seeing. The track itself is abstract, and formless, and strange, and totally alluring.





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