Afrobeats Newcomer OG Emmy Releases New EP ‘Sipping Remy’

Ghanaian Nigerian afrobeats artist and songwriter OG Emmy has released a brand new EP called “Sipping Remy”. The 21-year old artist collaborated with burgeoning Nigerian and Ghanaian producers StevJazz, TXMPO and MikeMillzOnEm for this project. The EP is made out of 5 tracks that are designed to be the perfect soundtrack for the end of the summer.

The EP makes its intro with the infectious track “Trouble” where OG Emmy praises enthusiastically the virtues of a trouble-free life without any unnecessary drama and negative vibes. The next track is perfect for the summer named “Remy N Chill”. It gives you a chill party vibe and is the perfect transition to the next track “KitKat”. In this song, OG Emmy’s first official single, he expresses himself towards black women.

The fourth track of the EP is called “Remy Money” and it’s a celebratory track where him and some of his artist friends enjoy themselves and have some fun. The last track is named the same as the EP itself: “Sipping Remy”. Here OG Emmy reveals his talent and his rap-influenced alter ego, making the outro a completely different experience where he plays a more hard-hitting sound.

Cultivating and building his music since the age of 14, Rivers State-born and raised OG Emmy has been around his passion from early on. At 18 he released his official debut single “KitKat” that you can hear in this mixtape and he has gained support from COOL FM, Rainbow FM, Star FM and Joy FM, among others.

OG Emmy is a rising artist that you can’t miss. Listen to the full EP here:


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