Airborn Gav announces ‘Terminal Free: Departures’ EP | Music News



East London based rapper, Airborn Gav, hasannouncec that he has a forthcoming new EP for his fans and listeners alike entitled Terminal Free: Departures.


It’s been a good yet challenging year for him but he has not allowed those obstacles to get in the way of his destination in the music scene.


Terminal Free is Airborn Gav’s best depiction of his free state of mind, his view on music, and where he stands as an emerging artist.


He has a history of revamping and taking a different approach to his past projects, T.H.C: The Hustler’s Coma and R.N.B: Ratchet N*gga Blues.


For example with “Take It Slow” off of the T.H.C project, and later revamped to the current version out now on Soundcloud.


Terminal Free features some well known up and coming artists such as Nipah, Spacey Blak, J Flowz, and Selvsse.


It is now available to stream on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music.



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