ALA.NI – One Heart | Music Video



Ahead of the release of her One Heart – Dub Mix EP, out Friday (November 25), featuring remixes from dub legend, Adrian Sherwood, ALA.NI has come forward with a video clip for the project’s title track. She released debut album, You & I, earlier this summer, to rave reviews, having previously sung backup for Blur and Mary J. Blige.


“One Heart” is melancholy, though of the sun kissed variety. Lazy summer days moping about. The vocal performance is rich yet understated, and come midway things slow to a point you actually think the song might stop. It certainly has its sleepy qualities, indeed. It is so stripped back its qualities are that of a rather intimate vein, too.


The striking black and white treatment was apparently inspired by Gene Kelley and Cyd Cyrisse in 1952 film, Singin’ In The Rain. It certainly works well in tandem with the song itself. Some of the frames are so long in the tooth, it is sometimes hard to detect movement. Any said movement creeps up on you when you least expect it.




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