Alabama Alternative R&B Artist A.G. Sully Unveils New Single ‘Autumn’s Dreamland’

Stepping into the spotlight as a rising star within the alternative R&B realm, A.G. Sully unveils the much-anticipated arrival of her latest single, “Autumn’s Dreamland“. As the inaugural release from her upcoming second full-length album slated for June 2024, this captivating track sets the stage for a journey that promises to captivate listeners.

“Autumn’s Dreamland” showcases A.G.’s talent for imaginative songwriting. It’s a heartfelt tribute to the idea of becoming a mom someday, crafted with Jess Nolan and A.B. Eastwood. Together, they reminisce about childhood, reflecting on the impact of parental words and doubts.

A.G. chooses to inspire her future child, weaving a story of belief and empowerment. It’s a touching effort to rewrite the script of childhood, offering hope for a better future.

The production of the song not only showcases Sully’s artistic evolution but also merges her soulful vocals seamlessly with electric guitar and harmonies, creating a dynamic fusion of modern and classic elements that ensures the track’s enduring allure.

Growing up listening to Christian music and her mom’s favorite artists like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, Allyson naturally leaned towards soul music.

While briefly attending Middle Tennessee State University, Allyson begun writing songs and found inspiration from her surroundings and from his MTSU classmates.

Allyson soon after decided to end her studies prematurely and go by stage name “A.G. Sully.” She spent the next few years performing live, opening for acts in Nashville and doing shows in other cities.

Her first single from the upcoming album, “Autumn’s Dreamland” gives a taste of what’s to come. With more singles and the full album on the way, fans can look forward to Sully’s unique style and emotional lyrics.

Listen to “Autumn’s Dreamland” below!


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