All ‘Humanz’ Collaborators To Join Gorillaz At Demon Dayz | Music News


Demon Dayz, a one-off festival presented and headlined by Gorillaz, was announced on March 6 of this year. Tickets went on sale four days afterwards, and were gone in ten minutes according to Music OMH.


Following no new album since 2011’s The Fall (and hopes of another looking “unlikely” in 2012), ambiguous studio shenanigans in April 2016, and the album release getting pushed back…Gorillaz have made up for it by giving fans a festival, four new tracks in one day, a secret live performance in London, and a release date for upcoming album Humanz that was announced only a month before said release.


As if that’s not enough, Damon Albarn confirmed that everyone who collaborated on the album will be in attendance at Demon Dayz. This is so big because there are over fifteen collaborators, and even more on the deluxe edition (full track list here)! Does this make up for the fact that their festival doesn’t have an official line-up yet?


Demon Dayz will take place on June 10 at Dreamland in Margate and Humanz will be available on April 28. Pre-order Humanz here, and listen to one of the tracks, “Saturnz Barz (Spirit House)”, below (complete with beautifully-animated music video):




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