alt-J – In Cold Blood | New Music


alt-J‘s new song, “In Cold Blood”, is one that I just couldn’t leave alone. It’s unexpectedly captivating, and something that Paste have fantastically called “a coiling, venomous snake of a song”.


Its relaxing beat is coupled with interesting sounds including some well-placed brass instruments and a £1.05 second-hand Casiotone, according to the band on Instagram. As with the title of the teaser video for “3WW”, parts of “In Cold Blood” are sung in binary (which I tried to translate but it only gave me the letter “s”…).


The song comes from upcoming album Relaxer which will now be out on June 2 rather than June 9 as previously stated. Pre-order it here but in the mean time, listen to “In Cold Blood” below (warning: flashing images included throughout, and in the linked teaser vid):




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