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San Francisco born Alesha Hartley has just unveiled her first single, called “I Dare You“. The singer had previously released a couple songs in collaboration with other artists, but this is her debut solo single. Turning a sentimental deception into a powerful anthem, it’s quite a promising debut for the singer-songwriter.


The song showcases her soft and captivating vocals, combined with great lyrics and a real ability to tell stories. Her inspired and honest songwriting makes “I Dare You”, in which she’s confronting her own insecurities and mistakes, relatable.


Alesha Hartley was born in San Francisco to British parents, and chose to move to the UK to enrol at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Her unique songwriting style is combining the raw poetic lyrics of folk music with infectious rhythms, making the ‘I Dare You’ a very personal and emotional piece.


Talking about “I Dare You”, Alesha Hartley explains: “the track is about dating someone who is in love with someone else and lying about it. The song is meant to capture the feeling of looking that person in the eye knowing they will try to deceive you and daring them to do it anyway”.


Expect to hear more about her in the next couple of years. You can listen to “I Dare You” below:




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