Alt-Pop Singer CHELJI Releases Addicting Indie Rock Track ‘Made It Past October’

The 21st century pop genre needs a breath of new air and a strong dose of realism, and CHELJI, a 24-year-old alt-pop singer, is just that. The artist, who was born in Birmingham, recently dropped the tune “Made It Past October”.

Believe us if we say we are also a bit at the edge of boredom with hearing the same tunes with almost the same style of vocal delivery. So we hold tight when we found an artist with unique delivery and experimental style when it comes to the instrumentation side.

CHELJI in her new drop “Made It Past October”, adopts her unique and strong vocals with an enticing flow in the instrumentation.

The song taps into a range of terrible emotions, including loss of close friends, suicidal thoughts, struggles with sobriety, and finally surviving a difficult time in her life. October is a month that CHELJI associates with both life and death because it is both the month of her birth and the passing of several close friends.

Speaking about the track she says “‘Made It Past October’ is a reminder that I got lucky, yet I still sometimes wish it were me instead of my friends, it gives me a fight to stay sober… remembering the pain it caused me losing them. I would never want to give that pain to my friends now.”

With an eclectic mix of influences – her frank and uncompromising songwriting style is a quality shared with her idols Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse and Lil Peep.

This openness has resonated with her ever growing fanbase of 1.3 million followers and over 5 million organic streams to date. She was also crowned as one of the UK’s top 10 most viewed artists on TikTok last year.

Growing up in “the kind of neighbourhood where you share sugar with your neighbours” and there being a “crazy lady on every street,” CHELJI’s journey begins close to Birmingham. Following the meteoric rise of her early lo-fi pop tracks on Soundcloud and YouTube, her music career started to take off in the US.

She made her own way to Los Angeles and soon started touring with groups like American rap group Internet Money. Yet after a challenging period in the United States, a disheartened CHELJI returned to her family to reflect on her experiences and prepare to give up.

Finally, one of her songs took off on TikTok years later and gave us the chance hear this gem “Made It Past October.”

Listen and enjoy the new release “Made It Past October” below!


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