Alt-R&B Artist Isaia Huron Unveils New Single ‘GLT Freestyle’

Rising Alt-R&B artist, Isaia Huron has shared her newest single “GLT Freestyle”.

Isaia relocated to his hometown church after a painful breakup, where he freestyled his unfiltered feelings into this song. As a result, Isaia expresses his despair and addresses his vices over experimental instrumentation and esoteric vocal melodies that underline his angst.

With the release of his most recent EP, LIBBIE 02, which is an adaption of his earlier body of work that has been completely remade to sonically elicit fresh feelings and messaging, “GLT Freestyle” was released.

As the opening act for Chiiild’s ‘Better Luck in The Next Life’ tour, Isaia is now on the road performing across the country, with two more shows this week.

In his father’s church in Greenville, South Carolina, Isaia Huron first encountered the power of music and discovered the process of song writing.

When Isaia, a popular touring drummer who was making a name for himself as a solo artist, moved his music career to Nashville in 2018, these early memories would follow him. He simultaneously worked on defining his own sound, honing his skills and growing in confidence as a singer, songwriter and producer.

In 2020, Isaia also released his debut EP, Three, which showcased his dynamic vocals and keen ear for pairing sultry R&B with melodic pop hooks.

Listen to Isaia Huron newest single “GLT Freestyle” below.


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