Alternative Hip-Hop Duo Odd Holiday Release ‘Adam West High School’

Odd Holiday is a brand-new alternative Hip-Hop MC and producer team who have one foot in the past  and the other in the present.  The first single from the upcoming album Life is Strangely Altering titled “Adam West High School” has just released.

The song begins with eerie piano loops in the Griselda style, which develop into perplexing jazz stabs and psychedelic accents courtesy of “Ghost in the Machine.”

Without pausing, the MC attacks the beat with a single take verse that lasts the entire length of the song. There are no hooks; just pure lyrical magic that keeps listeners’ attention until the very end.

Rapper/producer duo Odd Holiday is composed of members from North London and North Carolina. When he takes on production duties, he departs significantly from his jazz background and broadens his repertoire to include a minefield of unexpected loops and chops that are rooted in experimental alternative hip-hop.

The music is co-produced by Mattic, who performs as the MC under the alias “The Ghost In The Machine” and adds sonic flourishes that give the album its distinct sound. His vocals contribute a loose, carefree style that initially seems like simple conversation but ultimately reveals layers of abstract complexity.

Odd Holiday pushes their influences to new realms of the slightly peculiar, off-kilter, and utterly compelling while maintaining one foot in underground nostalgia (Madlib, Alchemist, Special Herbs).

Listen and enjoy the new release “Adam West High School” by Odd Holiday below!


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