Amy Poehler Reunites With Will Ferrell For ‘The House’ | Film News

Amy Poehler


Saturday Night Live alum Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler have not worked together on a movie (unless you count her brief Anchorman 2 cameo) since facing off as rival Olympic figure skaters in Blades Of Glory (2007). Fans will be pleased to hear that Poehler is in talks to play Ferrell’s wife in the upcoming movie The House. What a fantastic idea!


The script has been co-written by Brendan O’Brien and Andrew J. Cohen (Neighbours 2014), who will also be making his debut as a director on this feature. The film will be produced by Ferrell and Adam McKay through their Gary Sanchez productions company. Ferrell and Poehler will play a suburban couple that lose their daughter’s college trust fund and must make the money back fast. The pair decide to start an illegal gambling den in their basement with some of their neighbors. With these two, laughs are guaranteed, what ever the premise.


Poehler has been busy lately. Our beloved sitcom queen has movies coming out this year with both Tina Fey (Sisters) and Kristen Wiig (A Deadly Adoption) respectively, the cool girl, comedy clique of Hollywood. It is a joy to see whatever these talented ladies come up with. Poehler has also provided her voice for an animated feature for Pixar’s Inside Out.



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