Andy Muschietti Confirmed To Direct Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Film Adaptation | Film News


Cary Fukunaga was set to direct Stephen King’s classic IT, however due to apparent disagreements over vision and budget, Fukunaga left the project in May and the producers have finally found a new director to adapt the novel. Andy Muschietti, who directed Mama, is set to be the new director for the two-part adaptation. His success with the creation of Mama gives us hope for the final outcome of IT.


Will Poulter, who won the ‘EE Rising Star Award’ at the BAFTA Awards, had been set to be attached to the project playing the part of Pennywise the clown, however this could possibly have changed due to scheduling issues. The film was due to start filming this June, however, due to Fukunaga leaving the project, this could not be followed through, and there has been no set date for the start of filming yet.



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