Anne Hathawy And Robert De Niro Star In ‘The Intern’ | Film Trailer


A new intern starting in a busy New York company isn’t anything new, Anne Hathaway should know, starring in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada, but never has the story been told quite like this. This time Hathaway will play the boss, however unlike Meryl Streep’s notoriously mean Miranda Priestly, she stars as Jules Ostin who is crumbling under the pressure of being the CEO of her company as well as balancing family life. Cue Robert De Niro’s character Ben Whittaker who even at the age of 70 has been hired to be Hathaway’s intern. It seems the two develop an unlikely friendship with Ben helping Jules realise the strength she has in starting her own company and Jules helping Ben reinvent himself in the 21st century.


The comedy also hosts a collection of rising comedic talent in Hollywood, most notably Adam DeVine who is probably most recognizable as Buster from the Pitch Perfect franchise but is also hilarious in Workaholics and Modern Family. It seems that De Niro will teach the young bachelors of the office how to be successful in love by resorting back to old school methods. The film is both written and directed by Nancy Meyers whose had previous success with It’s Complicated, The Holiday and Something’s Gotta Give so she’s up there with the romantic comedy giants. The Intern is set for UK release on October 2.




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