Anonymous Club Redefines Streetwear With Spring/Summer 2025 Collection

Shayne Oliver’s Anonymous Club presented a striking Spring/Summer 2025 collection at Berlin Fashion Week. The underground lots of Berlin’s Tempodrom performance center provided the perfect setting. The venue featured wall-side grid seats and a metal-trimmed circular runway, creating a unique atmosphere for the show.

Anonymous Club’s SS25 collection took streetwear to new heights. Shayne Oliver, the founder of Hood By Air, showcased his inventive approach to fashion. He moved away from New York City to explore fresh ideas with his new label. The collection focused on redefining hooded streetwear with bold, oversized silhouettes.

As the show began, guests took their seats, including a surprise appearance by Ye. The first model stepped out in an inflated towel wrapped around their head. They wore the brand’s Shaft Boots and clear plastic shades. This set the tone for a collection full of creativity and humor.

Models wore sleeveless tops with face openings and dangling hood flaps. Slashed crewnecks featured bulging embroidered lettering, paired with short shorts. Pocketed bomber jackets shone under the spotlight, followed by striped uniforms inspired by football. The collection also included floor-length quilted vests and shielding scarves, turning cold-weather staples into statement pieces.

A standout feature was the needle-pricked dog graphics on cropped tees, paired with American “I Voted” stamps. This element critiqued US political policies. Another highlight was the “SALEM” denim with patchwork embellishments, adding a unique touch to the collection.

Shayne Oliver shared his thoughts on the show, saying, “I wanted to invoke some imagination, because one thing I think we’re missing right now is a bit of a fairy tale, a bit of innocence.” This desire for creativity and newness was evident in every piece.

The backstage atmosphere was lively, with models enjoying themselves in their outfits. Oliver reflected on the benefits of working in Berlin, stating, “I get to take my time a bit more here, to work on wardrobe pieces. The concept of the collection is heavily rooted in the design.”

Anonymous Club’s SS25 collection was a testament to Shayne Oliver’s innovative vision. The show left a lasting impression on attendees and highlighted the evolving landscape of streetwear.


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