Antonio Banderas Back After Dramatic Heart Scare | Film News


Fans of Antonio Banderas can officially release the anxious breaths they’ve been holding! Following a heart scare, the 56 year old Spanish actor reassured fans he was fine with a selfie on his Twitter this morning, captioned: “Disfrutando de la naturaleza tras un pequeño susto. Enjoying nature after a startle. Besos.


In case you missed the memo, Banderas, famous for his role as Zorro in the eponymous film series, was rushed to St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey after suffering “agonising” chest pains while exercising at his home in Surrey. He remained at the hospital until doctors gave him the green light to leave and appears to have resumed his lax lifestyle with model girlfriend, Nicole Kempel.


It’s only been three weeks since Carrie Fisher’s death certificate, with cardiac arrest listed as cause of death, had been released to the public and the last thing anyone needs is another beloved Hollywood icon to have a heart scare!


Here’s to a long and healthy 2017, Zorro. ¡Besos!



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