Archivist – Everything Is Wanted | Music Video



Archivist have revealed the video for “Everything Is Wanted”, the lead single from the Londoners’ forthcoming EP, Memo, due for release on Friday, October 28. There will also be an EP launch at London’s St. Pancras Old Church on Monday, November 7.


“Everything Is Wanted” is a funky number, with grooving bass and peculiar vocals that wash over the listener. It is certainly a moody one, veering in tangents before going back to that funk in a satisfyingly seamless manner. Parts are exploratory, before that funk fades it out.


The video sees frontman, Ed Begley, walking through a London carpark and Bracknell forest. There is a crossroads as the protagonist ponders where next. He goes through a market, before shots of swirling skies and crashing waves. He then runs to the light.




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