Ariana Grande Drops Hints For New Single On Friday | Music News


Four months it’s been and you didn’t hear anything from Ariana Grande. Normally pretty active on social media, the singer has been silent on all her channels so far this year. Now she has broken her silence on Twitter and fans are going crazy over it. Why? It seems like new music will drop later this week and her fandom is in need of something new with her last album Dangerous Woman having being released in 2016.



The tweet is pretty cryptic and written upside down but it says: ‘No Tears Left To Cry‘. Fans are now wondering if this could be the title for her new single. The numbers at the end form the date April 20. This means we will learn on Friday what Ariana was up to the last few months away from her fans.


Her last live performance was in June last year which was a charity concert in light of the Manchester attack that happened earlier that year at her concert. The attack led to the canceling of the rest of her tour but this is understandable. After all, it was a traumatic experience for her, too. Probably the break was due to that and she can now start over new.



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